Simply Chic is a fabulous name, tell us about your business; what is it all about?

Simply Chic is a professional Wedding and Event Management Consultancy based in the North West of England, covering Cheshire, Lancashire and the Lake District.


At Simply Chic we never lose sight of the fact that this is your wedding, our aim is to work together with you to deliver the wedding you deserve. From vintage to quirky, lavish to intimate, we embrace your ideas and incorporate the little details that reflect you as a couple.


Each wedding is unique; therefore at Simply Chic we offer a variety of planning packages. Our Portfolio not only includes Weddings, we can arrange Birthday Celebrations, Baby Showers, Anniversaries, as well as Cocktail and Dinner Parties.



"Creative Gloo were fun to work with, very knowledgeable and from the word go, understood what I wanted the website to represent along with the branding. I was extremely pleased with the end result ." Teresa Bence, Simply Chic



What inspired you to work with Creative Gloo?

Not having a presence on the high street, meant my website would be my “shop window” – the look, feel and style of which had to encapsulate everything which represents Simply Chic.


One website design company which stood out for me was Creative Gloo. Their creative talents, planning and industry knowledge, along with their personal approach created the perfect business image for Simply Chic.


How did Creative Gloo help you and your business?

From my very first discussion with Creative Gloo everything fell into place. Elke -at Creative Gloo- understood straightaway the website had to be elegant in line with what Simply Chic represents.


We spoke at length about customer experience and how the website should be structured, to make it easy to navigate, whilst exuding chic. I loved the fact that Elke is as enthusiastic about my business as I am, and that personal touch means a lot when you are starting out.


What is it like working with Creative Gloo on a creative project?

Working with Elke has been absolutely fantastic. We have held in-depth conversations prior to starting our project, so I was aware of what was happening at every step of the process.


We held fun brainstorming sessions, where we discussed different ideas for how the web design should be set out, colours and branding. I always felt I was in good hands with Elke, and my ideas and concepts welcomed and embraced. As well, I believe Elke has gone that extra mile by setting up separate sessions to go through social media and how this has an impact on my business - these sessions have proved invaluable.


In this edition we feature a client interview with Teresa Bence. Teresa has recently launched a new wedding planning and event management company called Simply Chic. We asked Teresa 'what's it like working with us'? Read what our clients say about Creative Gloo.


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Creating a new website… what did you enjoy most during this process?

The brainstorming sessions – every session was fun and productive. Knowing Elke was as enthusiastic about my business as me, made me feel that I was in good hands.


Elke got me to think more from the customer point of view, taking into account the fact that people can make the decision whether to do business with you or not based on what they see. Everything from layout, colour, branding and content had to be right.


How did you feel about Creative Gloo's fees? Did you feel you were getting value for money?

Absolutely yes – not only have we created a gorgeous website, but Elke took time to show me how to tap into social media which is a must nowadays. We arranged sessions on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in order that I understood what and how to promote Simply Chic - again wonderful personal touch from Elke which went a long way.


Would you recommend Creative Gloo to your friends and anyone starting out in business?

100% yes I would recommend Creative Gloo, it has been a fantastic experience both on a personal and professional level. Creative Gloo take time to really understand their Client and their market.





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The UK Wedding Industry is not regulated, however, Simply Chic is a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) whereby all members are vetted and have to pass their strict entrance requirements, and abide by the UKAWP code of business.


Exciting, your new business is up and running. What are your plans for your first year?

The plans are to expand the visibility of the Simply Chic brand far and wide through the use of the internet, social media and networking. We are already seeing the rewards of this as we have several wedding and consultations booked for 2013. At Simply Chic we have also organised Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Engagement Celebrations, Dinner and Cocktail Parties – you name it and we will event it.


We have arranged such diverse events as a surprise party for a young lady who became a flight attendant for a famous airline. The colour theme for the party was based on the airlines colours red and purple, the party invitations were based on boarding cards to keep in with the theme. As a centre piece at the party, the client requested for a cake to be made with the airline logo and luggage labels for various destinations the airline flies too. This was such a fun event to put together. Next, the client has requested an “under the sea” themed 18th Birthday Party.


Great! So how can people get in touch with you to help them plan their dream wedding?

Simply go to We are also on Facebook and Twitter. For wedding or event inspiration you can also follow us on Pinterest.





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