Colin, tell us about ChiropracticWorks...

ChiropracticWorks, is my business. We are a mobile service offering chiropractic care in our patients own home. It is useful for people who find it difficult to leave their homes yet still need chiropractic care.


This particular business of mine has travelled with me. I started it when I was in Edinburgh, and now I’m settled in Christchurch, Dorset, I am regenerating the profile of the business in this area.


It’s about providing a service, care for those who have musculo-skeletal aches and pains, getting them back on track, either through treatment or advice or both. Getting yourself known within the community and ensuring that people have easy access to you, so they can get in touch is important.




"The fact that I had someone to help put

my ideas into reality just made my life easier. It allowed me to concentrate on

the everyday aspects of getting my

business up and running."

Colin Wellsted





















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In this edition Colin Wellsted from Chiropractic Works tells us of his experience working with us on creating his online presence and letting his website 'travel' with him from Scotland to Christchurch in sunny Dorset. Read on to see what Colin has to say about working with Creative Gloo on his web design project.


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How did Creative Gloo help you?

Creative Gloo helped create my “shop window”. Since I do not have a clinic on the high street or an office anywhere, I need a presence easily available to those who need my help. Even if I did have a clinic my customer may never see it, due to the fact they may only leave their house on rare occasions and wouldn’t be in the habit of meandering around the town centre. The obvious solution is a website.


Elke at Creative Gloo helped devise and design my website and branding.


Her insight into how people use a website, what cues they look for, what they expect and how to help them navigate around the website was something beyond me.


Had that input not been around, I can’t imagine what kind of mess I’d ended up in.

It was far easier for someone to point out the blinding obvious and get it sorted, with the minimum of fuss.


When I moved from Edinburgh to Christchurch, the website had to be updated, which was very easy to do. I had just over a year’s experience of how my patients used the website and their comments about how valuable they found it. Together with Creative Gloo, we reviewed the usability of the site and looked at the experience of using the website itself from a patient's perspective. The main issue funnily enough was the location content more than anything else.


Creative Gloo re-created the logo, updated the geographical information and added new service areas which I introduced. Elke also set up a more streamlined navigation which provides quicker routes around the website, it made the website relevant to my new location and more useful for those looking for help.



What was it like working with Creative Gloo?

Working with Creative Gloo was very easy, after an initial conference call which was very comprehensive; the beta site was very quickly off the ground and running. From there it was a matter of editing the content, ensuring that the image that the website portrayed matched not only my own expectations but also the expectations of the people who would use ChiropracticWorks. It felt organic, watching the tweaks and changes morph into the website seen today.


It has been only a short while since the revamped website has been up and running. However it gives me legitimacy. People are more inclined to see you as bone fide if you have a website, especially as I do not have an office or clinic to work from.


The fact that I had someone to help put my ideas into reality just made my life easier. It allowed me to concentrate on the everyday aspects of getting my business up and running.



Where can people find out more about you and get in touch with you?

I’m hoping that my website at does provide the best way to contact me, to get information about what chiropractic is, how I work and how the service operates. If you would like to book an appointment, please visit my booking page.